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Explore Exotic Destinations on your Motorhome Hire Trip in Estonia

Take a trip to the hidden gem of Estonia sited in the Baltic region of Europe. This breathtaking destination lures countless travellers with its awe-inspiring landscapes and the continental climate. Learn about the glorious past encompassing Danish, Viking, German, Swedish and Russian influences. Look forward to an enriching and enlivening experience with Estonia Motorhome Rental.

Experience the versatile nightlife and get set for luxurious adventures against the rich cultural and historical backdrop of this region. Set off on short scenic strolls around Tallinn and get to know more about the compact, verdant capital city. See these top tourist attractions for an unforgettable Campervan Hire Estonia holiday.

Acacia Motorhome Rental Estonia - Parnu
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Parnu's extensive, sandy beach is liberally sprinkled with cafes and volleyball courts and is a must-visit stopover on your self-drive holiday. A winding path extends along the sand and is lined with park benches, fountains and a fabulous playground for kids. Across the road, the gorgeous gardens of Rannapark are simply superlative for a summertime picnic with your family.

The former prison and sea fortress of Patarei has a chilling past as a place of incarceration and repression. This is among the creepiest buildings within Estonia and is also a leading tourist attraction. Lots of people were brutally interrogated and executed including numerous French Jews killed by the Nazis. In memory of the people put to death there is a simple memorial stone next to the southern entrance. Make sure your Acacia Motorhome Rental Europe trip includes these beautiful mystical landmarks.

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral is a must-see attraction on your Campervan Rental Estonia getaway. Orthodox believers and tourists flock to this attraction to admire the wonderful icons and frescoes in the interior. This magnificent Russian Orthodox cathedral was completed in 1900 and is situated inside the country's major administrative hub.

Acacia Motorhome Hire Estonia - Piusa Caves
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Piusa Caves encompasses an extensive network of hand-hewn, cathedral-like caves. The middle of the caves screens films about the past and ecology of the site. Explore the depths of this site via an interactive computer simulation. The caves are the abode of bats and also include several rare species within the Baltic region. The subterranean temperatures hover at four to five degrees even during the hottest or coldest days so it is advisable to carry warm clothes.

The sprawling complex of the Estonian Open-Air Museum is a must-see attraction on your Estonia Campervan Rental holiday. See the charming chapel and visit the old wooden tavern of Kolu Korts to savour the traditional Estonian culinary delights.

For the ultimate thrills on your Motorhome Hire Estonia holiday take part in energizing water activities in Estonia such as kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing. For a stress-free yet memorable experience sea tours on historical ships await travellers.

Estonia Motorhome Rental - Tallinn Zoo
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Head towards Tallinn Zoo or visit any of the wildlife farms and parks to experience the amazing assortment of Estonian wildlife. Get a glimpse of lynx, brown bear and deer in their natural habitat.

Estonia's coastline welcomes visitors to the delightful islands and ports. Nature exhibits her splendour in myriad locations across the countryside while the plentiful fens and bogs are idyllic spots for bird watching.

The ultimate indulgence is guaranteed when you opt for a spa treatment in any of the Estonian day spas. The relaxing local treatment uses mud, Estonian peat and mineral water which are famous for their therapeutic properties.

Acacia Motorhome Rental Estonia is your best bet for a rejuvenating holiday with family or friends. Fall in love with the rustic villages and romantic towns and experience the ultimate wilderness adventures. Estonia's intrinsic pagan spirit and European mindset ensure that the country and its citizens are inextricably intertwined with nature yet possess a rising repute for innovation.

Learn about the traditional culture of Estonia and see the historical landmarks for a cherished camper hire Europe holiday experience.

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