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Germany Motorhome Rentals – Explore Top-rated Tourist Attractions

Get set for a memorable Germany Motorhome Rentals journey in the heart of Europe. This captivating hub borders several countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and France and is a fantastic option for a self-drive holiday. Experience the assorted flavours of Germany comprising thrilling outdoor activities and an appetizing assortment of German wines. Get a taste of the Deutsche way of living which will leave you yearning for more.

To the north and east lie Hamburg and Berlin while the Rhine is positioned to the west with Düsseldorf. An extensive array of options awaits travellers in Stuttgart and Munich situated down south. Discover the marvels of this historical nation with Motorhome Hire Germany.

Europe Motorhome - Germany Motorhome Rentals

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Take a trip to Germany and experience its essence comprising history, culture and breathtaking natural loveliness. You will surely be spoiled for choice in this magnificent destination brimming with historic cities, forests and mountains.

Set off towards the metropolitan areas for some sightseeing and get a glimpse of the illustrious arts. The Bavarian Alps, the Mosel Valley are must-visit stopovers for rousing recreational activities.

Majestic palaces dominate the landscape and centuries-old traditions can be witnessed in the smaller villages and towns. The capital, Berlin is the cultural centre of Germany and is the glorious abode of numerous fine museums and galleries. Explore infinite possibilities in the great outdoors on your Motorhome Rental Germany holiday.

The awe-inspiring landmark of Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, Kölner Dom is sited on the banks of the Rhine and is a must-visit attraction in Cologne. Highlights include the breathtaking views from the South Towers, the Treasury with its countless precious objects and the Three Kings Chapel with the notable 12th- and 13th-century stained glass.

Among the must-see upland regions within Europe, the beautiful Black Forest with its densely-wooded hills ranks foremost. This spot is a hiker’s haven and extends from Pforzheim within the north towards Waldshut on the High Rhine southwards. Popular stopover spots include the superb spa facilities of Baden-Baden, the remarkable resort of Bad Liebenzell and the stunning Black Forest Railway centred on Triberg with its famed falls.

Rügen is an integral part of the German Baltic islands. The Strelasund separates it from the mainland. It is connected by a causeway to the town of Stralsund. Prepare to be spellbound by the disparate landscape encompassing flat farmland, forest-covered hills to sandy beaches, peninsulas and lagoons. Take a trip to the Jasmund Peninsula and the stunning Stubnitz beech forests which culminate dramatically on the Königsstuhl which is a majestic division of the cliffs.

Europe Motorhome - Motorhome Rental Europe

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Campervans

The magnificent Rhine River extends all the way from Switzerland through Germany to the Netherlands. Visit the exquisite Upper Middle Rhine Valley section and see the splendour of this river. Travelling on your Germany Motorhome Rental allows the perfect option to glimpse the castles and medieval towns along the spectacular stretch of the river with great views. Start your exploration with a trip to Bingen. In this exquisite spot, the river winds it way through a gorge prior to entering the beautiful Bacharach valley.

Museum Island is positioned between River Spree and the Kupfergraben which is an extensive canal off the river and includes Berlin’s most important museums such as the Old Museum (1830), the New Museum (1843-55) and the Bode Museum (1904). These places are the abode of glorious collections of antiquities.

Germany’s picturesque attractions are not limited to the cities and numerous other attractions can be found in virtually every part of the country. See the splendours of this top-notch travel destination on your Motorhome Rental Germany holiday and spend memorable moments with family and loved ones. Limited vehicles available during peak season! Plan your Motorhome Rental Europe Holiday today!

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