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Over-rated European destinations most travelers explore on a campervan holiday

One enjoys never ending travelling in the most economical way in the continent of Europe in a Motor home. It is really the most thrilling and safest one to do so. Be it the bluish coastline or the green valley or the snowcapped mountains, Europe is one such continent which has all the wonders.

Some of the best European destinations


If it is winters go for the hottest destination of Spain, it’s authentic in value of superb food. Rich in culture and medieval towns, countryside and magnificent beaches. The Spanish islands are a terrific destination for the campers. Enjoy long cycling and walking in the northern Spain.

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The friendly natives welcome cannot be restricted by the tourists in France. It is absolutely unavoidable. One can play golf or take part in any activities like French cooking classes or simply enjoying the beauty of Paris. The beaches of France are simply to relax. If you are visiting the countryside and camping, take a wine tour and open some new bottles! The French Alps are the best in the summers for skiing.


The islands of Greece attract tourists at large. The blue seas along with whitewashed villas are always recommended to the one who visits Greece. The nation has always maintained the traditional quality of its food. Park your Motor home and have a lazy boat trip in those blue seas. One can do a variety of water sports too.


European holiday cannot happen without visit England and Scotland. Scotland, a land of whiskeys, is a place where one can have boat tours. Take a whisky tour and also see the various otters, whales, seals and so on. Devon, Cornwall, the Lake district, are some of the other places to visit in U.K. so many castles and vintage houses to see in England. One cannot avoid the gardens too.


Another country famous for its beaches, food culture and weather is Italy. Best in the summers. Venice is the place to relax, an old place of glamour. Another medieval town is Umbria that can boast of vineyards and rich work of the Renaissance. The traditional architecture is mind blowing. The Italian Lakes are the most popular tourist spot, encircled with mountain views. The island of Sicily and the gorgeous coastline of Sardinia have the best beaches.

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One finds the Europe’s best beaches in Turkey with its endless Aegean coastline. Beautiful for its ancient history and culture, Istanbul should never be missed during spring or autumn. Those who want to get tanned head straight to the coast and relax. The relatively unspoiled beauty of Turkey can be cherished by the campers.


The virgin beauty of the coastline in Europe can be seen in Croatia. A good value for money. Tourists choose this destination for its pristine beauty. This island is a real stunner with its most fabulous beaches. Croatian food is terrific. The government has restored the island’s beauty in recent times to attract more visitors in the island.

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