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What are the berth options available on a European campervan?

Europe is a beautiful place to be in and travelling with your friends and families for a vacation in Europe is definitely everyone’s dream come true. Have you suddenly decided that you would be going on a vacation? No worries. RentACampervan Holidays Ltd offers some of the best campervans that is large enough to accommodate a good number of people at the same time. Campervan in Europe have been popular since a long period of time and many people go on Campervan Holidays during their vacations. What is good about the campervan is that they are easy to take with you wherever you go, it consists of proper luxury amenities, furnished furniture’s, a bedroom, kitchen and drawing room for convenience. It can easily be parked in camping grounds whenever necessary and can be taken any where needed.

There is an assortment of campervan which you can choose from. Campervan sizes vary according to preference of customers and number of people who would be accommodating in the campervan. A Campervan in Europe is better known as a Dormobile.

Campervan with Berths

Cheapa Campa - Motorhome Hire

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The Berths of the Campervans have been designed for sleeping at night. There are many berths depending on the size of the van. The berth also has an option of being converted into a dining area as well. They can easily be lowered with the help of touch buttons from the drive area.

How many berths are available?

The number of berths in a campervan depends on the size of the van. Each campervan has a unique feature to it. Campervans are available with various berths. If you are wondering which one would be the best option for you, here are the following campervans which you can choose from.

Campervans range from 2 berths to 6 and 8 berths as well.

The 2 berth options

The two berth campervans are equipped with the latest state of art technology like electrical gadgets for listening to music and watching TV. They have also been equipped with special storage systems which can make your campervan look clean and tidy. They have storage places for keeping fishing rods, kayaks and scuba diving equipment if required. They also have spacious bathrooms and central heater and cooling systems. There are separate living and dining room space and the two berth campervans have been designed in a way where you do not have to make your bed on a regular basis. These are ideal for honeymoon couples.

The four berth campervans

Europe Campervans also consist of four berths which make travelling safe and enjoyable. They consist of power steering, strong and powerful wheels and pioneering features which make the campervan look aristocratic. These vans have two berths for adults and two single berths for children as well.

The six berth campervan

The Six Berth Campervan are for big families who are going for a long vacation across Europe. The interiors are comfortable and spacious along with TV, VCD player, water filters, room heater and ACs, along with a good toilet, bedroom and kitchen. The campervan has been planned in a way where you can enjoy with your family and at the same time feel the openness around you.

So according to the size of your family, choose your campervan and enjoy touring across Europe.

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