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Why summer is the best time for a holiday on a European campervan?

Are you planning to visit Europe during your vacations? Wondering which would be the ideal time for you to visit Europe so that you can stroll about, enjoy the scenic beauty and stay out till night.

Why visit Europe in the summer seasons?

Close your eyes and the most ideal season of the year would be the summer season. The most popular months of visiting Europe would be in the months of July and August when the weather is really comfortable. You can be really sure that the months of July and August will offer you warm and sunny weather, temperate climate, and a weather that is reasonably warm. In the Mediterranean regions, the temperatures tend to rise up to above 40 Celsius as well.

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The months of July and August are really popular in Europe because that is the time when the schools get their summer break and many students visit Europe either for summer projects, or outings. Some students also have extended breaks as well. This is the best time to travel to Europe and this is also considered as the peak season in Europe.

Europe is crowded during the summer seasons. Therefore, if you do not hate crowds and you enjoy being a part of them, Europe is the place where you should be around the months of July and August. If you are planning to travel during the summers, this is the time when the European people also like to take a break from work and take summer holidays- specially Paris.

If you are a person who likes serene and calm nature, then move far down south- The Southern you go, the warmer it becomes. Places like Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy are the best places to visit during the summer season. The longest day of the summer will be in June with the summer solstice.

Who should not visit in the summers?

If you are a person who likes snow and skiing then summer is not the season for you- The best season for you will be during the winters.

The other months for visiting Europe would be during October, April and May when the temperatures are also warm and comfortable. Walking and cycling is definitely advisable during this season.

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Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Campervans

Advantages of travelling to Europe during the Summers

Some of the best advantages of travelling to Europe during the summers around July August will include a great weather, longer hours of daylight so that you can enjoy the scenery more. In summers, the sun stays till 9.30 pm in the night which is common in the Scandinavian countries. Since the nights are long you would be able to see a lot of boats, ferries, cable car rides during these months. There are varieties of vegetables, fresh products in the markets and definitely a great time to spend outdoors,

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