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Poland has endured centuries of conflict and has emerged as an independent country, geared up for her contribution to modern history. Take a trip to this picturesque destination with Acacia Motorhome Rentals Poland and get to know more about the fine culture, historical sites and inimitable landscapes.

Wieliczka Salt Mine
The salt mine is sited on the outskirts of Krakow and is famous for its health-giving properties as well as the additive qualities of the microclimate. The mine is also a fascinating museum with statues, three chapels and a cathedral which is completely carved out of rock salt. The chapel apparently has the finest acoustics found in any structure within Europe. Chronic diseases are treated on overnight stays inside the underground infirmary.

Acacia Motorhome Rentals Poland - Wieliczka Salt Mine
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Slowinski Sand Dunes
Located in northern Poland, the enchanting Slowinski Sand Dunes are a part of the Slowinski National Park on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The dunes were fashioned when the wind & waves carried sand onshore. The moving dunes alter their shape all through the changing seasons.

Get set for a powerful and indescribable experience on your Motorhome Hire Poland getaway. Auschwitz-Birkenau is a notorious Nazi concentration camp and includes a must-see memorial and museum sited in Oswiecim, Poland. In memory of the murders which occurred in the camps during World War II, Auschwitz-Birkenau is visited by countless travellers worldwide.

Wawel Castle
The Wawel Castle is sited on Wawel Hill in Krakow and was constructed in the 14th century. The Gothic castle is the magnificent abode of the sole preserved Polish Crown Jewels and the famous coronation sword Szczerbiec. Walk around the art museum and get a glimpse of the extraordinary assortment of Italian Renaissance paintings.

Acacia Motorhome Hire Poland - Wawel Castle
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Gdansk Old Town
The charming Old Town of Gdansk encompasses gorgeous 17th century architecture along with mills, granaries and churches. Saunter along Gdansk Old Town's colourful streets and see the lively restaurants, clubs, bars and amazing architecture. Gdansk's glorious past includes an extensive occupation by 14th century Teutonic Knights whose fortresses robustly contrasted with the existing town of Altstadt or "Old Town.

Masurian Lakeland
The Masurian Lake District in Lithuania encompasses countless lakes linked by a far-reaching system of canals and rivers with numerous meadows, forests and pastures. Take a trip to this popular tourist destination within Europe's Lake District with Motorhome Rental Poland.

Bialowieza Forest
Bialowieza Forest straddles the scenic border between the Republic of Belarus and Poland. It is the abode of wisent which is a sheltered species of European bison. The forest is among the largest and residual parts of the colossal primeval forests and is a much-visited UNESCO World Heritage listed site.

Main Market Square
The Main Market Square in the Old Town inside Krakow is the biggest medieval town square within Europe. It is among the leading tourist attractions to explore on your Poland Campervan Rental holiday. The square is bordered by historic buildings, townhouses, intriguing palaces and churches. The Cloth Hall is the hub of the square and was reconstructed in the year 1555 in the Renaissance style adorned by a stunning attic.

Poland Motorhome Rental - Main Market Square
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Warsaw Old Market Place
Warsaw and the city's central marketplace was the centre of Polish culture for centuries. The original Old Town Market Place was damaged during World War II but was reconstructed after the war ended. See the bronze sculpture of the Warsaw mermaid in the market square as it is the insignia of Poland's capital.

Leisurely explore the vibrant cities, lovely lakes and forests inside the picturesque countryside of Poland with Campervan Hire. See the top-rated tourist attractions and create cherished memories with family or friends. Make sure your Acacia Motorhome Rental Europe trip includes these beautiful mystical landmarks.

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