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Scenic Attractions to Explore with Portugal Motorhome Rentals

Explore exotic destinations on your motorhome hire trip in Portugal.

Lots of scenic attractions are simply waiting to be explored on your Portugal Motorhome Rental holiday. Enchanting towns with narrow cobbled lanes are elegantly interspersed with medieval castles and ancient Roman ruins while the structural design is a sight to behold. Discover the versatility of this picturesque tourist destination on your Motorhome Hire Portugal holiday.

Inextricably connected with the sea, this magnificent country boasts of an extensive expanse of tantalizing Atlantic Ocean coastline. The capital city of Lisbon enjoys a spectacular location close to the River Tagus.

Portugal's hub is an amazing mix of the majestic northern mountain ranges with the gently sloping plains of the sun drenched central regions. Beautiful beaches border charming coves and the warm, shallow water in the south. Discover the stone-built villages, delightful towns, cosmopolitan cities with museums and monasteries as well as the historic palaces and castles. See these top-rated attractions for a memorable Campervan Rental Portugal holiday experience.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Lisbon
From the scenic shoreline of Belem in Lisbon gallant navigators set sail in the past on death-defying voyages to new territories. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India and to pay tribute to this achievement, King Manuel I commissioned a magnificent monument that became an icon of the country's era of conquest and expansion. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is among the most sacrosanct buildings in the country and is a must-see attraction. The church and monastery feature the finest instances of Manueline architecture within Portugal. Book your Portugal Motorhome Rental holiday package today. Best Deals Available!

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Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Lisbon Coast
Sintra's conspicuous setting lures countless holidaymakers to this lush town prettily positioned in the midst of a forested mountain range. Sintra simply exudes romance and was a preferred summer retreat for the kings and queens of Portugal. It was also an alluring destination for many writers and poets like Lord Byron. The narrow streets enclose a beautiful central square that is dominated by the magnificent Palacio Nacional de Sintra. Royally furnished, the splendid structure is set over several floors and conveys an exclusive theme.

Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga
Bom Jesus do Monte is Portugal's most famous sanctuary situated on a wooded slope to the east of Braga. It is among the most significant pilgrimage sites within the country. Comprising a colossal Baroque Escadaria or stairway along with the church of Bom Jesus, this fabulous complex features fountains placed at different points on the long ascent, quite a few chapels decorated with sculptured scenes from the Passion of Christ along with stunning statues of mythical, biblical and symbolic figures. Make sure your Motorhome Hire Europe trip includes these beautiful mystical landmarks.

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Se (cathedral) and Roman Temple, Evora
Evora is sited in southern Portugal's sunlit Alentejo province and is among the most charming cities in the country. The Se is Evora's most conspicuous cathedral and is among the leading tourist attractions in the old town. After admiring the interior of the structure, head towards the roof and soak up the breathtaking views over the vicinity.

Convento do Cristo, Tomar
Dominating the delightful riverside town of Tomar is an impressive castle that shields the Convento do Cristo which is among Portugal's leading historic attractions. The Convent of Christ is awe-inspiring as well as mysterious. The cloisters tease all and sundry with their Manueline flourishes and concealed spiral staircases. The convent's Manueline window was designed by the famous architect Diogo de Arruda and is among the most architecturally alluring aspects of any structure in Portugal.

Oceanario de Lisboa, Lisbon
Lisbon's oceanarium is vividly conceived to exhibit the diverse ocean habitats worldwide and is among Portugal's family-friendly tourist attractions. The ecosystems of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Antarctic oceans have been beautifully recreated. Complementing this spectacle are beautiful open-air landscapes where sea otters, penguins and other endearing birds and mammals co-exist in harmony.

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Set off towards the southern section for some sun, sand and surf on your Motorhome Rental Portugal holiday. The Algarve boasts of several seaside resorts and lures countless visitors each year to its scenic shores.

Portugal is the glorious abode of evocative old buildings worth exploring with Motorhome Rental. Collect your Campervan Hire in Faro and kick off your exploration of this divine region.

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