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A Memorable Getaway with Sweden Motorhome Rentals

Explore exotic destinations on your motorhome hire trip in Sweden.

Select Sweden Motorhome Rental and set off on a memorable road trip to see the scenic landscapes. A constitutional monarchy, the quality of life in this mountainous, snow-sport destination is extraordinarily high. Enjoy camping with friends if you take a trip during the summer. Motorhome Rental Sweden is an idyllic holiday option due to the extensive coastline, awesome cites and welcoming locals.

Breathe in the crystal clean and fresh air and explore the extensive, unspoiled forests and splendid lakes. Get to know more about the mind-boggling past from the infamous Viking invaders to Royal dynasties and regal intrigue. Set aside plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor adventures and experience the historic treasures. There are lots of thrilling things to see and do on your Sweden self-drive holiday.

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See the fairytale Drottningholm Palace sited on the island of Lovon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is positioned to the west of Stockholm city centre. The palace is presently the official abode of the Swedish Royal Family.

See the spectacular bronze sculptures exhibited in the pictorial, terraced park. These were brought back as trophies of war from Bohemia and Denmark. The Chinese Pavilion dates back from the late 1700s and is a must-visit attraction. The Palace Theatre (Drottningholms Slottsteater) is used for performances throughout the summer months. The Theatre Museum has an impressive assortment of period stage costumes plus stage scenery.

Djurgarden Park has a lot of fantastic amenities and is a guaranteed draw for holidaymakers during the Scandinavian summer months. Attractions include traditional cafes, restaurants, Abba the Museum, Grona Lund amusement park and Skansen, an impressive open-air museum and zoo.

Abisko National Park, Lapland
Take a memorable trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun with Motorhome Hire Sweden. Prepare to be spellbound by daylight which lasts several weeks in summer.

The park is simply superlative for Scandinavian winter adventures and summer hikes. It is the glorious abode of Nordic wildlife and is renowned for its pristine natural beauty.

The sky over the Aurora Sky Station at the famous Abisko National Park in northern Sweden is among the best spots to see the Northern Lights. Clement weather and clear skies permitting you will surely be dazzled by this breathtaking natural light show.

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Stockholm Archipelago, Stromma Boat Tours
Countless islands lie in Stockholm's extraordinary archipelago (skargarden) which is why it is frequently referred to as Venice of the North. Set off on a cruise in and around the city or to any of the captivating islands. The tours present exclusive yet vantage points of the city. The distinctive Stromma boats are a sight to behold downtown.

Visby, Gotland
The walled town of Visby is sited on the island of Gotland and is a must-see attraction on your Campervan Rental Sweden getaway. Rich in medieval history and crammed with ruined churches, this scenic spot lures innumerable travellers worldwide. You will surely lose your sense of being in the contemporary world as you wind your way through the quaint cobblestone streets. Visby deserves its repute as a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vasa Museum
Vasa Museum in Stockholm is among the popular tourist attractions in Sweden. In 1628 the Vasa battle ship sank on its earliest voyage. In 1961, an amazingly ambitious salvage operation was undertaken. Visitors from across the world arrive to glimpse this intriguing time capsule. A trip to the Vasa which is the abode of ten separate exhibitions guarantees a memorable day out with your family.

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Oresund Bridge, Malmo
A 15-minute drive with Motorhome Rental Sweden from Malmo city centre will take you to the splendid Oresund Bridge. This amazing engineering feat links Sweden to Denmark. Take a trip across this superb bridge to neighbouring Denmark and spend some time in Copenhagen if you prefer.

There are quite a few cities to explore with Sweden Campervan Rental. Hot-spots for your Motorhome Hire Sweden holiday include Gothenburg while the hidden gems such as Kosterhavet Marine National Park and Skane with its verdant forestry will leave a lasting impression. Make sure your Motorhome Hire Europe trip includes these beautiful mystical landmarks.

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